Frequently Asked Questions

What levels of competition do you offer?

For the winter we will offer local (3 month) teams for ages 12-17 and regional and national (6 month) teams for ages 12-18.  The spring season tryouts are only for the local level.

National is our highest level and is for athletes looking for a high level of exposure to competition and college coaches. Teams play in 11-14 tournaments and/or training weekends with other highly competitive clubs from around the country. Practices are 3 times a week with 2 team practices and 1 individual skills practice. Athletes are committed from the end of November through mid to late June when AAU Nationals concludes. 

Regional is for our participants who want good exposure to high levels of competition and potential college coaches. Teams play 9-10 tournaments with regional travel to Louisville, Detroit, and Indiana. There is both team and individual training 2-3 times a week.  Athletes are committed from the start of practice in December through the beginning of June.

Local is our level that participants can choose to play either in the winter season (December-early March) or spring season (mid March-early June).  You can play 2 local seasons back to back.  Teams compete in the West Michigan and Lansing areas for 4-5 tournaments and practice twice a week.

What age level do I play?

The best way to answer this question is by asking what age you will be on July 1, 2022.  Here’s a breakdown of the age divisions:

Age GroupGradeBirthdate
U126thOn or after July 1, 2012
U137thOn or after July 1, 2011
U148thOn or after July 1, 2010
U159thOn or after July 1, 2009
U1610thOn or after July 1, 2008
U1711thOn or after July 1, 2007 a 11th grader born on or after July 1, 2006
U1812thOn or after July 1, 2006 or a 12th grader born on or after July 1, 2005
If you have specific questions on your age group, don’t hesitate to contact us.
What if I can't attend my tryout date?

Please make every effort to attend the first tryout date in your area, but if you are unable to please contact Cameron to find a time to be evaluated. Please still complete the online registration so we know to expect you.

Will my daughter make a team if she participates in tryouts?

Our goal is to place every athlete who tries out for our teams, but we just cannot guarantee that for everyone. In order to ensure that all of our teams have a high quality product, we will not offer a product that is not to the standard of FaR Out/Capital. We do not feel that putting teams together to just fill spots is a positive experience for the player, parents or the club. Often times team placements come down to positions and we cannot make teams out of just setters and defensive specialists.

For any U12 player who is not placed, it would be our recommendation for them to participate in our youth academy. Your $65 tryout fee can be applied toward your next session with the Youth Academy.

How many players are placed on a team?

The amount of players for each team will be set during the tryout process and will be determined based on the make-up of each individual team. On average the number will be close to 12.

Are we able to request people to be on a team with?

Unfortunately, we are not able to take requests of this nature. We have to consider a number of factors when we create teams and we cannot guarantee these requests.

How many teams will you have?

We will have as many teams in each age group as long as we feel it is a viable team and space permits for efficient, effective and productive practices.

When do practices begin and when do we find out our practice schedule?

When do practices begin and when do we find out our practice schedule?

Where are practices held?

Special Olympics Michigan (SOMI) Legacy Christian Middle School, and Kentwood Schools.

Is playing time guaranteed?

Equal playing time is not guaranteed at any level. Every level guarantees an equal opportunity to improve and earn playing time. You are being offered a spot on the team; not a starting position or any particular amount of playing time. We guarantee you training and instruction in practice and the opportunity to earn playing time and/or a starting position. We DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY AMOUNT OF PLAYING TIME TO ANYONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Playing time is earned by performance in practice.

Can the multi-sport athlete play club volleyball?

Yes, many of our student-athletes participate in more than one sport, especially in our younger age groups. Naturally, as the teams advance to a higher level of competition, we see less of the multi-sport athlete. Our national team athletes are only allowed to choose one additional activity outside of club volleyball. This could be basketball, track, or theater. The most important thing that a multi-sport athlete has to do is communicate with her coach regarding her other sport. 

When do we get tournament information?

Tournament dates and locations will be available at our season information meetings. Please remember all we can give you is dates at this point. Specific playing waves and match times are not available until much closer to tournament dates.

How much does it cost to play?

Club fees for our different levels will be available at our season information meetings.

Are payment plans available?

Yes, but there are additional fees if you decide to use the payment plan. 

Are coaches travel expenses included in the club fees?

Yes. Fees for coaches’ travel is included in our club fees. You would just need to take care of your own personal travel costs.

Are coaches travel expenses included in the club fees?

If you did not play with FaR Out last year you will need to purchase a backpack for $40.

Is there any financial assistance available?

Yes! We do a cookie sale twice a year where you are able to sell cookie dough. $8 of every box you sell goes toward your club fees. We also participate in SCRIP. It’s a program where you buy gift cards and a percentage goes toward your club fees. You can learn more on our Fundraising page. If you have a special financial need, please contact the director in your area.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions about the FaR Out program, please contact Cameron Rowland at cameron@faroutvolleyball.com.